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ABOUT Needle Lacrosse

Needle Lacrosse was founded in 2018 by Eric Needle. Eric is a High School and Club coach for girls lacrosse. He has been coaching girls lacrosse since 2009. After years of fixing broken strings and adjusting sticks, he decided to start stringing and selling sticks as well as restringing them. He uses a hybrid stringing design, combining mesh pockets and traditional stringing.


He also is the inventor of the "Cradle Keeper", a lacrosse training device made to allow cradling in the house without damaging anything while perfecting your cradle. The "Cradle Keeper" is adjustable should a player was a shorter length. The "Cradle Keeper" can also be used for orthopedic purposes such as muscle rolling and back pain pressure points. The "Cradle Keeper" is patent pending.

Check out our Stringing Gallery for some of our work. Please feel free to email with any questions about our products.

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